Borrow Money Against Gold

Borrow up to 80% against the value of your gold jewellery, bars, coins and other precious metals.

Loans against gold, silver, and other precious metals discreetly.  Borrowing against gold, silver, and other precise metals can be an efficient and alternative solution to raising capital tied up in your valuables.

With no credit checks and monthly repayments, our collateral loans can provide a temporary, short-term bridge for you.

Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to provide answers to any questions that you may have and will take the time to understand your requirements and provide the best solution tailored to you. So why not call us today or send us an enquiry.

When valuing precious metals we will look to confirm both the purity of the actual metal and also confirm the weight. This provides us with your items current market value.

While your precious metal is in our possession, it is held in a high security vault.

During this time your item is insured.

We have many solutions to get your precious metals to us.

1) Royal Mail Special Delivery. Our next-day delivery pack is free and fully insured for you to send your items directly to us.

2) Collection: Depending on its value, we can send a private courier, fully insured, to collect and deliver the items directly to us.

3) Arrange to come-in: Simply contact us to arrange a time and day to come in and meet us and hand-over your items in person.

4) For high-valued loans, we can arrange for one of our experts to come along to where the item is being stored and have it appraised on-site. Your dedicated account manager will be able to discuss the best solution with you.

The interest rate we apply reflects the loan amount and the asset you have pledged as security. Our rates start from as little as 1.5% per month.

APR and Terms of Loan;

Minimum repayment period of one month.

Our minimum rate of APR is 18.8%. Our maximum rate of APR is 93.54%.

Representative APR: 39.24%

Representative Example: Total credit: £10,000. Loan term of 6 months. Annual Interest rate: 36% (fixed). Interest for 6 months: £1,800. Amount repayable in one installment: £11,800.00 (39.24%APR)

Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold. Your asset covers the whole debt and you will receive any surplus after sale if the loan is not repaid. You will not be liable in the case of any shortfall between the amount that you have borrowed and what the assets are sold for at disposal.

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Warning: Please note that the property that you offer as security to acquire your loan may be repossessed and sold in the event of default. Please refer to our page ‘Borrowers’ for more information on the checks we conduct on borrowers.