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Connecting Lenders and Borrowers to help each other.


Our Vision

Simple, to create a rewarding financial platform by providing opportunities for lenders to earn a great return and offering borrowers an alternative method of raising funds.

As traditional lending becomes more difficult for consumers and SME property professionals to access, the need for alternative financial solutions has never been greater.

Peer-to-Peer lending, through the development of online technology, has allowed borrowers to access alternative funding opportunities by introducing them directly to lenders who are seeking superior inflation-beating returns.

Connective Lending, through its founder and directors experiences of the lending and fintech sectors, has developed a platform that provides an alternative financial solution for borrowers and adverse risk-based solution for lenders.

Are we regulated?

Yes we are. The peer-to-peer lending (or Loan-based crowdfunding) industry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our registration number is 923900

To search the FCA database about the permissions we hold please click the button below and enter our registrartion number into the search bar.

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Our Team

Daniel Grimes

Director of Personal Asset Lending

Daniel Grimes (Danny) has been the Managing Director and driving force for many years at his two primary businesses, Almagrove Ltd and Watchbuyers.co.uk. Implementing a business growth strategy, he expanded Almagrove from one shopfront in Bournemouth to four shops whilst growing Watch Buyers from nothing to a multi million pound turnover as a respected luxury watch dealer.

Kristian Henery

Property Director

Kristian has spent the last 18 years working in Financial Services , mostly in Mortgage Lending. Starting at Paragon Group, he gained valuable skills and experience underwriting Buy to Let Mortgages, and gained the CeMap qualification. He has subsequently Underwritten mortgages and loans for a variety of Lenders both large and small. Latterly his focus has been on Due Diligence, Credit strategy and Assurance. He has Bridging loan experience with One Savings Group and West One Loans.

Ehsan Maher

Finance Director

Ehsan is an influential Finance Manager and business developer who has achieved remarkable results throughout his career, which he began as a Financial Auditor. Ehsan has a wealth of experience in arranging solutions to meet the financial needs of various companies. His dedication and knowhow around compliance is invaluable in performing his role within our firm.

Shakeel Hasham

Head of Compliance & AML

Shakeel is an experienced Compliance and Anti-money Laundering Officer. He has spent his career working for large corporations including KPMG, Citibank, Barclays and Grant Thornton, in a wide variety of roles

Noman Akram


Noman Akram has extensive knowledge within the fintech sector having previously founded and launched a peer-to-peer lending business in 2013. Noman has a qualification in compliance of financial services. Since 2018, Noman has utilised his skills and knowledge within the sector to build a solid foundation for Connective Lending. Noman has implemented his experience by identifying investment and borrowing products for our core clientele.

Tony Lambert

Business Development Manager

Tony has over 20 years in luxury asset lending, having worked for some of the most knowledgeable asset lenders.


Connective Lending Ltd (Company Registration Number:11221510) is an online peer-to-peer (also known as loan-based crowdfunding) platform. It allows lenders to invest directly into loans secured by personal assets or property.
Yes. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration number 923900.
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